The Canine Club of Mysore is an initiative of a group of dog lovers and the core purpose is to provide information on Canine Care. We are a registered club under Karnataka Societies Registration Act of 1960 and also an affiliate of Kennel Club of India.

Our motto is care and welfare of our members’ dogs. To pursue this objective, we have planned to implement various activities under the banner of our club. They are:

  • Organizing the dog shows
  • Conducting interactive Seminars, Lectures and Film shows
  • Publish books and magazines to promote knowledge about breeding and feeding management
  • Assisting the members to import or acquire high standard pedigree dogs
  • Provide useful and valid information for the members to import quality vaccines and drugs
  • Participating and providing a helping hand to the activities of various government departments, chiefly to Animal Husbandry and Police Departments.